How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence at Work & in Relationships

What if one book could reveal to you how to find happiness, conquer fear, build stronger relationships, and create a life filled with purpose and passion – would you read it? We wrote the book! This is the step-by-step guide to raise your emotional intelligence – the key to living more joyfully and working with more passion.

Conversations that Get Results & Inspire Collaboration

What is the key to business success? COLLABORATION. This book provides everything you need to inspire, take part in, and manage the kinds of conversations that are the hallmark of true teamwork.

Conversations for Creating Star Performers

Are your conversations creating engagement and momentum? Do you know how to craft conversations that develop and grow people and teams? Being engaging, inspiring, and able to read what motivates others will make you a more effective developer of star performers.

Conversations for Change: 12 Ways to Say it Right When it Matters Most®

Whether you're trying to motivate a team, negotiate a contract, make a sale, ask for a raise, land a new job, or terminate an employee, the conversations you have will either help you succeed or undermine your goals.  

The Organized Communicator

From sales call to keynote, being organized and prepared are 2 things that directly impact how effective you are with the audience. "The Organized Communicator" provides a systematic approach to organizing yourself, your office and your message. Co-authored by a Professional Organizer and a Professional Speaker, the book tells the unique story of how they met and how they discovered that they both helped clients organize--in different arenas.